Pilot: courses become ticket hours

To give more people the opportunity to participate in an activity without being tied to a term, we are converting a number of courses into ticket hours in term 5.

In term 5 (Monday 6 May to Sunday 30 June 2024), the following activities are not offered as a course but as a ticket hour:

  • Neck, shoulder and back
  • Fencing intermediate
  • Run training Intermediate/advanced 
  • Strength training sport specific
  • Strength training 60+
  • The courses Basic strength training and Strength training for women become ticket hours Basic strength technique with a theme (knee-dominant, hip-dominant, pull movement, push movement)
  • Two swimming courses convert into theme ticket hours (including butterfly stroke, starting and turning, speed work and triathlon technique)

Why from course to ticket hour?

In recent terms, the above activities have been offered as a course. When you registered for this, you committed to a series of 7 to 8 classes. Because many people turn out not to be able to attend every week, there are often empty places in these classes and that is a shame. To reduce the number of empty spots in classes as much as possible, in term 5, we no longer offer the above activities as a course but as ticket hours. The classes can then be booked separately each week.

Pilot phase term 5

Converting a number of courses to ticket hours in term 5 is a pilot. Through this pilot we want to discover whether we can achieve a higher visit frequency to activities, so that more people have the opportunity to participate. Whether we will offer the above activities as a course or a ticket hour in the 24/25 academic year, depends on the results of this pilot.

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