Pilot: oat milk cappuccino from the machine

Pilot: havercappuccino uit de automaat

Oat of this World coffee machines were recently installed in several buildings on campus. Plant-based milks have been growing in popularity among students and staff, particularly in our Coffee Corners. To give everyone on campus access to a plant-based milk alternative, we launched a pilot project with coffee machines that serve oat milk instead of cow’s milk. This applies to all products in the machines, including chocolate milk. Our favourite: the delicious and sustainable oat milk cappuccino!

Sustainable, vegan and lactose-free

Plant-based milk has a lower carbon footprint than conventional cow’s milk and is an excellent alternative for people who are lactose intolerant or vegan. As a result, plant-based milk contributes to the sustainability ambitions of Radboud University.


The new coffee machines will remain in use through the summer. If this milk alternative proves popular, the machines will remain on campus indefinitely. We would love to hear your feedback on the new coffee machines. Send an e-mail to automaten [at] fb.ru.nl!


Fancy a beverage? The new coffee machines can be found in the following buildings: Forum (ground floor), Maria Montessori (Grand Café de Iris), Grotius (second floor), Erasmus (first floor), Elinor Ostrom (second and third floor), Berchmanianum (first floor), Huygens (Giga-Bite). The machines are green and have an Oat of this World label.

Pilot: havercappuccino uit de automaat