Zhiyu Zhu poster prize
Zhiyu Zhu poster prize

Poster prize for Zhiyu Zhu at the Electrochemical Conversion National Symposium

The 1st Electrochemical Conversion National Symposium held in the Netherlands on 21 May delved into the future of Electrochemical Conversion, particularly focusing on "Hydrogen and beyond." Titled "Exploring the Future of Sustainable Chemicals and Fuels through Electrochemistry," the symposium proved to be a resounding success, attracting experts from various disciplines within the field.

The event centred around the potential of electrochemistry in propelling the development of sustainable chemicals and fuels. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in discussions regarding the latest advancements and future prospects in this crucial realm of research and innovation.

Poster awards

To close off the day, the poster awards sponsored by GroenvermogenNL were announced by Paulien Herder, chair of GroenvermogenNL. The third prize was a check for EUR 250, the second prize EUR 500 and the first prize a check for EUR 750.

After a very pressing evaluation period, the jury has come to the following decision: to grant Zhiyu Zhu the 2nd price for her poster titled "Inline bench top NMR studies of copper-catalysed electrochemical CO2 reduction at high current density". This study demonstrates the use of operando bench top NMR for quantifying liquid products in electrochemical CO2 reduction, providing a practical and effective method for monitoring reactions at high current densities.

Benchtop NMR for Electrochemical Application

The use of a bench top NMR for in-situ product detection is a very unique application with good preliminary results with time and potential resolution. Secondary measurements such as pH and formate add an additional research perspective. Overall, the concept of bench top NMR’s have potential to extend to other electrochemical applications, particularly as more complex reaction products maybe only detectable through liquid-phase analysis.

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