Pregnancy and contracts at Radboud University

In response to reports in the media, Radboud University wishes to emphatically state that pregnancy should not play a role in the hiring of employees, nor during their employment.

However, Radboud University is aware that the Dutch Civil Code does not provide for situations where an employee is absent for an extended period due to pregnancy, particularly concerning a one-time long-term contract. This has raised questions, for example, among employees combining a PhD trajectory with teaching duties (in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities, see Article 6.12, paragraph 2 (in Dutch)).

Contracts for this group may only be extended once for a maximum of three months. In the case of a 16-week maternity leave, this could immediately lead to issues. Therefore, as of November 2022, Radboud University has included an additional provision in such contracts. This provision establishes that the duration of the employment contract depends on objectively determinable circumstances such as pregnancy and maternity leave, parental leave, and paternity leave.

This one-time extension does not apply to regular PhD candidates with a four-year contract. These contracts can be extended multiple times upon request for the duration of maternity leave, parental leave, and paternity leave (Article 2.5, paragraph 2 of the Collective Labour Agreement).

Contact information

Employees with questions about this can contact the HR officer(s) of their own faculty or department.