Campussessie zomer
Campussessie zomer

Prevent-Care-Cure project plan in the starting blocks

In December 2023, the Executive Board presented an action plan for social safety: Prevent – Care – Cure. We have now further developed this plan of action into a project plan, which we will be implementing over the next two years. As Radboud University, we will work on our relational culture, organisational structure, and support system. This means clarifying and encouraging good behaviour, strengthening the design of the organisation, and putting in place a better safety system that helps people quickly and effectively when boundaries are crossed.

One hundred interviews

In developing the project plan, we gathered input from more than 100 interviews with internal and external stakeholders and experts; we also incorporated recommendations from scientific research reports on social safety. Over 900 staff members and students attended meetings on this topic between February and May 2024. The themes that emerged during these sessions were incorporated into the project plan.

Sixteen sub-projects

This plan includes 16 sub-projects that will be implemented in order of priority, and partly simultaneously. Radboud University's commitment to prevention includes introducing development programmes. Some sub-projects focus on strengthening the support system, for example by setting up a central reporting system. Other sub-projects address proportionate and fair response in cases of transgressive behaviour, and providing aftercare.

Student and staff involvement

The implementation of all sub-projects has a lead time until mid-2026. During this period, there is always room for additions or adjustments where necessary. Our academic and professional staff and students will be closely involved in this process.

Updates about the project will be shared via the weekly staff update, the student newsletter, and articles on the website.

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