Prof. Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius acts as an expert on AI and discrimination for the Council of Europe

Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, Professor ICT and Law at the iHub, Radboud University, joined a Committee of Experts of the Council of Europe as an independent expert. The name of the committee is: Committee of Experts on Artificial Intelligence, Equality and Discrimination (GEC/ADI-AI). The Committee is mandated to draft a Recommendation on the impact of artificial intelligence systems, their potential for promoting equality – including gender equality – and the risks they may cause in relation to non-discrimination by 2025. In the Committee, representatives of the member states of the Council of Europe cooperate. The first meeting of the Committee in Strasbourg is in February 2024. The Council of Europe has 46 member states, and is the most important human rights organisation in Europe.

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A few years ago, Prof. Zuiderveen Borgesius wrote a report for the Council of Europe, called ‘Discrimination, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Decision-Making’