Andre van Rooij and Edwin Sweers
Andre van Rooij and Edwin Sweers

Prof. Jan Trooster Prize 2024 for two projects : the 'merged guide' and the 'measurement chamber'

On Thursday June 19, the Professor Jan Trooster Prize of the Faculty of Science will be awarded for the 40th time. Two projects will be honored this year: One is for Thijs Jacobs and Peter Walraven for designing a measurement chamber for the Membrame Inlet Mass Spectrometer (MIMS) and the second is for André van Roij and Edwin Sweers for designing, building and commissioning a 'merged guide'.

Merged guide

André van Roij, technician in Spectroscopsy of Cold Molecules group of the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) of Radboud University and Edwin Sweers from the TechnoCentre successfully aligned two bundles of molecules to study their reactions. Previously, this was impossible because deflecting the path of one ammonia molecule caused the other to deflect, preventing contact. They developed a dual guide where two quadrupoles merge into a single hexapole, allowing for successful interaction. André's independent measurements confirmed that the design leads to remarkable results in practice.

Measurement chamber 

Thijs Jacobs and Peter Walraven, both technicians of TechnoCentre, designed a measurement chamber that completely excludes oxygen during measurements. They also created chambers of various sizes to measure the affinity of bacteria for methane and hydrogen gas. These custom-designed chambers, unavailable commercially, are crucial for studying the role of bacteria in the production and removal of greenhouse gases.

Professor Jan Trooster prize

The Professor Jan Trooster prize is awarded annually and intended for a scientific or technical employee, student or team of Radboud University who or that has made meritorious efforts in the experimental and/or technical field at the Faculty of Science. 

Faculty employees are invited to the award ceremony and reception on Wednesday, June 19, in room HG00.307 of the Huygens Building, starting at 15:45.

Prof. Jan Troosterprijs
Andre van Rooij and Edwin Sweers

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E.A.W. Sweers (Edwin) , A.J.A. van Roij (Andre) , T.T.G. Jacobs (Thijs) , P.P.C. Walraven (Peter)
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T.T.G. Jacobs (Thijs) , P.P.C. Walraven (Peter) , A.J.A. van Roij (Andre) , E.A.W. Sweers (Edwin)
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