Programme of Requirements for Housing FoA-FPTR

The Faculty of Arts (FoA) and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies (FPTR) will have a new home. By the end of 2027, the faculties and teaching facilities will move to new accommodation on the site of the current Spinoza building. There, the most sustainable and circular building on campus will be built. A Programme of Requirements (PvE) underpins this accommodation.

The Programme of Requirements (PvE) describes the ambitions and quality requirements for the future research, teaching and working environment of both faculties and its translation into a building concept, spaces and requirements for construction. The PvE has been checked against the Campus Plan and was developed in close consultation with the faculty boards and with thanks to representatives of both faculties who participated in the project group. Construction principles are energy-positive and maximally circular.

Inspiration, concentration and connection

The current Spinoza building forms the basis for the new accommodation. The foundation and shell of the high-rise building will be retained, but otherwise the building will be completely renovated. In 2027, the most sustainable building on the campus will be at that location. It will be a work and study environment that inspires and connects. An environment where everyone feels welcome and enjoys staying. Where on the one hand meeting and cooperation are central, on the other hand there are spaces for quiet and concentrated work. Various spatial and functional requirements for e.g. teaching, research, catering and other facilities are included in the schedule of requirements. The teaching and study facilities in the building are for general use and thus available to all faculties.

The guiding PvE will soon provide the basis for elaborating and drawing up concrete plans and serve as an assessment framework for elaborating the design.

From accommodation concept to workplace concept

In a follow-up phase, the housing concept will be further elaborated and the number and type of workplaces will be specified. An in-house consultant for both faculties will help translate the housing concept into a workplace concept. In close consultation with the users, this advisor will explore the requirements for the working environment and translate them into a workplace concept. The aim is to realise an efficient, good and attractive working environment.

Tender Design

The tender for the design team has been finalised and the design team is expected to be contracted in early August. This team will start work after the summer and the Preliminary Design will be ready in early 2024.

More information

Want to know more about the Housing FoA-FPTR project and the different phases in the process? You can find more information on the project page and RadboudNet.