Handen die een groep mensen beschermen
Handen die een groep mensen beschermen

Project team social safety has started

On September 1st, a special project team was formed to work on the faculty's 'social safety' programme. The aim of the programme is to combat undesirable behaviour and to guarantee social safety within our faculty for students and employees as best as possible.

The contours of the programme

In recent months, the foundation for the Social Safety FSW 2024 and 2025 programme plan has been laid. Three pillars have been formed:

  1. Stimulation of appropriate behaviour and a pleasant culture by focusing on awareness, standards and development. This includes recognising risk situations and psychological safety in a team and offering resources to act
  2. Strengthening roles in the help and responsibility structure. Various roles and officials are involved in developing and maintaining a safe study and working environment and supporting managers. For example, study advisors, HR advisors, the board, confidential counsellors, company doctors and future support officers. In addition to an advisory role, these roles also have a signalling role in the organisation. The collaboration between these roles can be optimised
  3. More accessible information about help, responsibility and processes, such as instruments, toolkits and navigation to already existing information


In recent months we have launched various initiatives, such as a dialogue session, a team intervention and e-learning focused on acting perspectives for managers. We are currently working on offering more activities in the coming months. The programme for 2024-2025 will also be finalised in the coming months, based on the three pillars mentioned.

The members of the project team

The project team is led by external project leader Judith Peeters. Judith knows the university and the faculty through previous work as an external advisor. In addition, Diana Geeraedts (HR advisor), Esther Huijs (housing team leader) and Jolanda van Os (interim management assistant faculty board) joined the team. The yet-to-be-recruited wellbeing officer will also become a team member.

The project team will frequently update on activities via the Weekly update. Make sure you keep an eye out on these updates.

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