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  • Economenparade 2023

    Economists' Parade 2023: no fewer than 6 researchers on the cover

    The ESB's annual Economists’ Parade (in Dutch) highlighted researchers from the department of Economics and Business Economics who have been appointed in 2023. No fewer than six of our researchers feature on the cover of the Economists' Parade.

  • Portret Annemiek Schilpzand

    Dissertation on influencing moral values by socio-economic environment

    On Thursday 1 February, PhD candidate Annemiek Schilpzand defends her thesis on influencing moral values by our socio-economic environment.

  • Worlding Classrooms: Bridging Borders for Sustainable Education

    Students from Radboud University and four international partners come together in online ‘Worlding Classrooms’ where they are offered a theme related to the academics’ field of expertise, with the overarching theme of sustainability.

  • Solo climbing

    Why we risk it? Kim Fairley in podcast ‘In a nutshell’

    Kim Fairley, assistant professor of Business Economics with specialisation in behavioural economics, tells in the podcast ‘In a nutshell’ of VOX all about risking it.

  • Foto van Jorgo en Stefan gezamenlijk

    Jorgo Goossens and Stefan Zeisberger receive Netspar Theme Grant

    Researchers Jorgo Goossens and Stefan Zeisberger received the Netspar Theme Grant of €350,000 for their research on “Understanding, measuring, and applying sustainability preferences”.

  • Research Seminar

    (Past) Research Seminars

    The Department of Economics and Business Economics organizes a weekly research seminar that relates to the main research areas covered in the department with distinguished external scholars from all over the world.

  • Publicaties Economie

    Highlighted Publications

    The members of the Department of Economics and Business Economics regularly publish in top and top field journals and other outlets. A selection of impactful journal publications (since 2017) is listed below, in chronological order.

  • Zakelijke gebouwen

    Same data and research question: different outcome

    Sascha Füllbrunn, Utz Weitzel, Sven Nolte and Stefan Zeisberger from Nijmegen School of Management (Economics and Business Economics) worked on a large innovative research project that was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Finance.

  • Diverse groep mensen van de rug gefotografeerd

    'Money whitens': why people are more likely to change ethnicity

    Changing your ethnicity multiple times throughout your life: that's not all that absurd for millions of people worldwide. For them, ethnicity is not a congenital, rigid notion, but something that changes to correspond with how your place in society changes.

  • geld

    European Central Bank can bring inflation down faster if governments move along

    The European Central Bank can bring inflation down faster with an interest rate hike if governments move in the same direction in their fiscal policy.