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  • Slum housing next to a polluted stream in Indonesia

    The power of local knowledge

    Establishing collaborations between researchers and local communities can enhance scientific understanding and promote more equitable, sustainable solutions for a better future.

  • Portretfoto van medewerker Bryan Da Costa Souza

    Educating with Bryan da Costa Souza

    Since last year, Bryan da Costa Souza has been senior lecturer in the Artificial Intelligence program. He is responsible for restructuring two first-year programming courses. During an interview, Bryan talks more about this.

  • Portret Sara Kinsbergen

    “We have to talk about how we are doing science in 2024”

    Sara Kinsbergen has been appointed Endowed Professor in the field of “The role of citizens in sustainable development”. And she is very much looking forward to it. During her inaugural lecture, Sara spoke passionately about her research.

  • Call for proposals to improve and/or innovate your course(s)

    Apply for additional funds by submitting an outline of your improvement/innovation plan for your course running in period 1 and/or 2 of the coming academic year by 1 May 2024.

  • Bijbel met evangelie

    'The evangelical' does not exist

    By identifying demographic differences within religious groups, we can develop a more nuanced understanding of religious beliefs and the role of religion in society.

  • Plantje groeit tussen steen

    From intuition to method: successful approach in the care sector now backed up by science

    A treatment method that has delivered repeated successes over many years in the field of youth care, but had not previously been given a platform, now has a robust scientific basis, thanks to the PhD research of Carine Heijligers and Sonja Graafstal.

  • Tekening van smartphone met hartje

    Swipe, match, happy? Dating app users less satisfied with relationship status than non-users

    Mobile dating apps are a popular way to meet people. A new study by Radboud University researchers shows that people who use dating apps actually tend to be overall less satisfied with their relationship status than those who don't.

  • two stones drawn like people

    Displaying Difference, Displaying Sameness

    We often view cultural diversity and minority groups as separate societal entities. But when individuals from different societal groups make a family together, that's where we see what "integration" or "migrant inclusion" really means.

  • Icoon met drie personen in een hand

    Publications on social safety

    New reporting will soon be published about social safety and inappropriate behaviour within the Faculty of Social Sciences and the university.

  • Anuschka Peelen

    Anuschka Peelen wins KHMW Jan Brouwer Thesis Award

    Anuschka Peelen has won the KHMW Jan Brouwer Thesis Award for Sociology and Anthropology with her thesis ''A changing climate? A meta-analysis of (polarisation in) climate change attitudes between 1986 and 2022''.

  • Photo of the Maria Montessori building

    Developments in internationalisation in higher education

    Last week, two articles regarding internationalisation in higher education were released. For the policy of the Faculty of Social Sciences and our provision of Dutch and other language education, there are currently no changes.

  • Aankondiging Onderwijsprijzen 2023

    Nominees for University Education Awards 2023 announced

    The nominees for the University Teaching Awards 2023 have been announced. These annual awards will be presented on Wednesday morning, March 20, as part of The Education Days.

  • Kunstwerk van 9 wandpanelen die te maken hebben met de neurowetenschap

    “Do we ask as first question”

    The artwork ''Do we ask as first question'' was presented in the colloquium room of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The artwork was created by Frans Huisman on behalf of the Faculty Board.

  • Hersenonderzoek

    Musk's chip is impressive, but there are alternative ways

    In the Data-Driven Neurotechnology Lab at Radboud University, researchers are working on ways in which, without using our muscles, we can still react to the world around us.

  • Arts zet vaccinatie

    ‘Staying healthy’ is better than ‘not getting ill’ in vaccine information

    New research from Radboud University shows that it can be useful to focus vaccine information on what does happen, rather than what does not happen.

  • Evelyn Kroesbergen, nieuwe decaan Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen

    Dean Evelyn Kroesbergen is fully back in office

    Mid-October 2023, Evelyn Kroesbergen temporarily resigned as dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences due to her health. She has since recovered and resumed her duties in full.

  • Results social safety poll

    Through a poll, employees of the Faculty of Social Sciences have shared their sense of social safety within the faculty. The results are in and next steps are now determined.

  • Mathijs Vervloed

    Mathijs Vervloed appointed professor by special appointment of Supported communication in children with multiple disabilities

    From 1 September 2023, Mathijs Vervloed has been appointed extraordinary professor of Supported Communication in children with multiple disabilities at the Behavioural Science Institute of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

  • Vrouw luistert naar muziek met oordopjes in

    Listening to music after stress: 'Genre doesn't matter'

    Krisna Adiasto discovered that music genre doesn't seem to play a role in the songs we choose to recover from stress, but the songs that work do have shared characteristics. He will receive his doctorate from Radboud University on 29 January.

  • Een slotje met wachtwoord

    5 tips on how to stay safe online

    It is Data Privacy Week, and our privacy officers provide you with five tips on how to stay safe online.