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  • Handen die een groep mensen beschermen

    Faculty meeting on social safety

    The questions and feelings expressed during the faculty meeting about social safety were taken to heart by the board and directors of the Faculty of Social Sciences. In this response, you can read how the faculty wants to deal with this topic.

  • Letterprins, the innovative reading game

    Letterprins nominated for two Digital Impact Awards

    Letterprins, a reading game that gets children reading, has received two honourable nominations at the Digital Impact Awards. IJsfontein developed the game, and the successful launch campaign was developed by Vertigo 6.

  • Vier personen klappen met hun handen tegen elkaar

    Update Recognition and Rewards (R&R) programme

    The Recognition and Rewards (R&R) programme within the Faculty of Social Sciences started energetically on 1st April 2023 with two spearheads: 'Workload reduction' and 'Diverse career paths and profiles'.

  • Moeder met baby op schoot kijkend naar een computer

    A curious baby brain is a super brain!  

    Sabine Hunnius, director of the Baby & Child Research Center and professor at Radboud University, acknowledges that the first 1000 days of a child's life are crucial for their development.

  • Leslokaal met een docent en twee studenten

    Education with Simone Rademakers

    Simone Rademakers teaches within Pedagogical Sciences and Educational Sciences, where the courses she teaches mainly focus on coaching and practice supervision.

  • Portretfoto van student Jona Ververs

    Jona Ververs opens conversation about sexual culture among students with ‘Gelijkspel’

    Sexual culture among students needs to be safer. Jona Ververs, Master's student Healthcare Psychology, gives workshops to students in Nijmegen with foundation Gelijkspel (‘Equal Play’) to make sex safer and more fun.

  • Photo of the Maria Montessori building

    Response from the Dean following Argos broadcast

    Response from the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences following Argos radio programme. They reported on a professor from our Faculty who had displayed transgressive behaviour towards a student in the past.

  • Handen die een groep mensen beschermen

    Project team social safety has started

    A special project team was formed to work on the Faculty of Social Sciences' 'social safety' programme. The aim of the programme is to combat undesirable behaviour and to guarantee social safety within our faculty as best as possible.

  • Inge Molenaar

    Inge Molenaar appointed professor of Education and Artificial Intelligence

    On 1 August, Inge Molenaar was appointed professor of Education and Artificial Intelligence at Radboud University’s Faculty of Social Sciences.

  • Peter Berentsen portret

    Column Peter Berentsen: Building Bridges

    In the column for the Faculty of Social Sciences' newsletter, Peter Berentsen talks about his start and plans as student assessor.

  • Portret van Annie de Jong

    Quick-Fire Questions – Annie de Jong

    Annie de Jong started as the Education Policy Officer for the faculty in February. Using some Quick-Fire Questions, Annie is happy to introduce herself.

  • #takepart campaign

    Make your vote count! The student elections are coming up

    Student participation elections will take place again from 10 to 12 October. In this post, you can read what you can vote for, what the scheduling looks like, how to stand for election and how to vote.

  • Roos Vonk

    How the ego inhibits personal development and social attachment

    According to social psychologist Roos Vonk, our ego impedes our social relationships and our personal growth. Her latest book. ‘Mijn ego heeft altijd gelijk. Van zelfbedrog naar zelfkennis’ will be released by Meulenhoff Publishers on 12 September.

  • Nanda Rommelse

    Reappointment Professor Nanda Rommelse

    Recently, at the request of the Faculty Board, the Executive Board decided to reappoint Professor Nanda Rommelse of "Neurobiological Developmental Disorders" by special appointment with effect from 1st September 2023.

  • Call for proposals to improve and/or innovate your course(s)

    Apply for additional funds by submitting an outline of your improvement/innovation plan for your course running in 2023-2024 by 1 October 2023. Per proposal, 80 hours of additional student assistance or academic staff time can be awarded.

  • Niels Spierings, professor of Sociology: processes of inclusion and exclusion

    Niels Spierings appointed as professor of Sociology: Processes of inclusion and exclusion

    As of September 1, Niels Spierings has been appointed as Professor of Sociology: processes of inclusion and exclusion at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Radboud University.

  • RSCR Cohesion

    E-learning Social Safety for Managers

    Managers of the Faculty of Social Sciences are expected to do the Social Safety e-learning. As a manager, you have an important role in promoting an open, inclusive and socially safe working environment.

  • Borden met uitleg over onderwijsinnovaties in het Maria Montessorigebouw

    You have inspiring colleagues, do you already know them?

    You can visit a mini exhibition by the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) about innovative teaching projects and educational research by staff members in the Maria Montessori building this month.

  • Het uitgave van de strategie van de Radboud Universiteit

    Summary FSS strategy meeting “What is high quality in research?"

    About 40 FSW academic and support staff colleagues interacted with each other to identify their common thoughts and ideas.

  • Mariska Kleemans benoemd tot hoogleraar Youth, News and Education

    Mariska Kleemans appointed professor of Youth, News and Education

    Mariska Kleemans has been appointed professor of Youth, News and Education at Radboud University's Faculty of Social Sciences from September 1, 2023.