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  • Foto van het Berchmanianum gebouw

    NWO Veni grants for research into privacy in criminal law, mining and malaria

    The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded a Veni grant to fifteen young researchers at Radboud University and Radboudumc. With this grant of up to 320.000 euro they can further elaborate their own ideas during a period of three years.

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    Poisson-Geometry Workshop

    Read more about the two-day workshop on Poisson Geometry, organised by Ioan Mărcuț, Marius Crainic and Álvaro del Pino Gómez at Radboud University and at Utrecht University.

  • Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat

    European multidisciplinary consortium SynOD starts this July

    In July the consortium SynOD, which aims to find drug targets for Parkinson’s and related diseases, will start. Within the consortium, Radboud professor Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat is responsible for the development of statistical methods.

  • Applied Analysis Seminar hero

    Radboud University part of Strategic Research Initiative

    The Strategic Research Initiative with title "Advancing Mathematical Methods for Wave Phenomena" has been approved for funding by 4TU.AMI. Mathematicians Vanja Nikolić and Laura Scarabosio from Radboud University are members of this initiative.

  • Peter Hochs

    NWO-M1 grant for Peter Hochs and PhD opportunity

    Peter Hochs won an NWO-M1 grant with the project Higher Invariants of Finite-Volume Spaces. This enables him to hire a PhD-candidate who will develop and apply new invariants of certain non-compact manifolds which have finite volume.

  • Berchmanianum

    Five new KNAW members from Radboud University and Radboud University Medical Center

    Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, Floris Rutjes, Tamar Sharon, Caroline Slomp and Caroline Klaver have been appointed as new members of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

  • Hoe doe je onderzoek naar wiskunde - in gesprek met Stefanie Sonner

    Podcast with Stefanie Sonner

    How do you conduct research in mathematics? In the Radboud Science Podcast (in Dutch), our colleague Stefanie Sonner explains it all.

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    NWO grant for Steffen Sagave and Magdalena Kedziorek

    Steffen Sagave and Magdalena Kedziorek won a NWO-M2 grant with the project "New techniques for studying geometric shapes".

  • masters: top rated programmes

    Master's Mathematics in Keuzegids 2024

    Master’s programme in Mathematics at Radboud University scores above average in Keuzegids 2024.

  • Topology Intercity Seminar Mathematics tile

    PhD position in Algebraic Topology

    The Department of Mathematics is currently advertising a PhD position in Algebraic Topology.

  • Sharmila Gunasekaran

    Sharmila Gunasekaran joins the Mathematics department

    Sharmila Gunasekaran joined the Mathematics department at the beginning of the year. Sharmila works on mathematical relativity and geometric analysis.

  • Portret Riccardo Cristoferi

    Riccardo Cristoferi new member of the Radboud Young Academy

    Riccardo Cristoferi has been selected as a new member of the Radboud Young Academy. This will contribute to having the Faculty of Science more represented when discussing university policies and organising targeted activities.

  • Portret Riccardo Cristoferi

    WiNSt Education award for Riccardo Cristoferi

    During the WiNSt Opening of the Academic Year on 27 September, Riccardo Cristoferi was awarded the 2023 WiNSt Education award.

  • Zwart gat

    Eventually everything will evaporate, not only black holes

    New research by Michael Wondrak, Walter van Suijlekom and Heino Falcke of Radboud University has shown that Stephen Hawking was not completely right about black holes. All large objects in the universe will eventually evaporate.

  • PhD prize for Leonardo García Heveling

    During the 2023 Dutch Mathematical Congress, Leonardo García Heveling was awarded the 2023 PhD prize of the Royal Dutch Mathematical Society. He delivered an accessible and entertaining talk on his PhD thesis about metric structures for spacetimes.

  • Banner of Keuzegids 2023 with the text: Top-rated programme universities

    Master Mathematics in Keuzegids 2023

    The Keuzegids Masters 2023 compares the Master programmes at Dutch Universities based on five criteria (content, lecturers, assessment, job preparation and working atmosphere). The results are based on the National Student Survey 2022.

  • Stefanie Sonner

    University Education Award for Stefanie Sonner

    Stefanie Sonner has received the 2022 University Education Award for Talent of Radboud University. She got the award for her role as an initiator and her focus on society, interdisciplinary teaching, and attention to individual students.

  • Collegezaal in Collegezalencomplex

    University Education Awards granted to Peter Klaren, Stefanie Sonner and Giullio Mecacci

    The 2022 University Education Award has been granted to Peter Klaren. The University Education Award for Talent has been granted to Stefanie Sonner. The Executive Board rewards and encourages excellent educational performance with these awards.

  • Success in the NWO Open Competition Science M round

    With the innovative research project titled 'The Mathematics of Composite Materials', Riccardo Cristoferi will have the opportunity to hire a PhD student to investigate mathematical models describing physical properties of modern complex materials.

  • Klaas Landsman

    Klaas Landsman becomes member of the National Institute for Scientific Integrity (LOWI)

    Klaas Landsman, professor of Mathematical Physics at Radboud University, has been appointed as a member of the advisory committee of the National Institution for Scientific Integrity (in Dutch: Landelijk Orgaan Wetenschappelijke Integriteit, LOWI).