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  • Universitair docent Bernard van Gastel en projectleider van het PEP-team Joep Bos-Coenraad

    The 5 focus areas of NOLAI

    June is dedicated to the Month of AI in Education. This theme of AI is alive and well at Radboud University. On campus, you will find NOLAI: the national education lab for primary, secondary, and special education in the Netherlands.

  • Johan Jeuring en Serge Thill in gesprek over de technologie van AI in onderwijs op het NOLAI Event

    NOLAI Wrap Up

    We would like to invite you to end the school year together. Partners of NOLAI and interested parties from education, science and business are welcome on June 27, 2024 at Landgoed Brakkesteyn, for an inspiring meeting with NOLAI.

  • NOLAI teacher in residence, Kevin van der Pol

    Kevin van der Pol on Working at NOLAI

    Kevin van der Pol is a Dutch teacher and an ICT innovator. Since November 2022, Kevin has also been working as a Teacher in Residence (TiR) at NOLAI and is committed to the direct connection between educational practice and scientific research.

  • Logo Maand van AI 2024

    NOLAI Webinars in the Month of AI

    During the Month of AI, you can participate in 3 webinars at NOLAI: AI Technology and Data in Education (June 11), Ethical Issues around AI in Education (June 18), and Educational Research on AI in Education (June 20). Register now!

  • Carla Haelermans and Eliane Segers talking about the focus area Pedagogy & Didactics

    Highlighted Focus Area: Pedagogy & Didactics

    At NOLAI, we develop AI applications for problems in education. Carla Haelermans and Eliane Segers, from their focus area of Pedagogy & Didactics, ensure that the pedagogical-didactical line of thought is always persued.

  • Logo Maand van AI 2024

    Month of AI in Education Dedicated to Exploring, Changing and Connecting

    This year, June is once again dedicated to AI in education. Throughout the month, numerous free events will be organised throughout the country and online, made possible by NOLAI. We guarantee you'll be inspired!

  • Teacher-in-Residence Kevin op de vraagarticulatiesessie van NOLAI bij de regiobijeenkomst van de VO-raad

    Question Articulation Session for School Leaders

    NOLAI hosted a question articulation session at a regional meeting of the VO-raad. What issues are school leaders concerned about AI in education? And how exactly does such a question articulation session work?

  • Carla Haelermans in het discussiepanel Generatieve AI en impact op onderwijs, op IPON24

    NOLAI at IPON – Part II

    IPON 2024 took place in February. The trade fair IPON is a national event in the field of educational innovation and ICT. There was a lot of focus on AI in education. Naturally, NOLAI was also present at IPON. Check out the photo report below.

  • Universitair docent Marthe Stevens, trekker van het focusgebied Ethiek bij NOLAI

    Focus Area Highlighted: Ethics

    Within NOLAI, we not only focus on what technology we can develop but also constantly ask ourselves: do we want to do this? We talked to Marthe Stevens, leader of the ethics focus area, about embedded ethics, conflicts of values and autonomy.

  • Hoogleraar onderwijseconomie Carla Haelermans geeft een keynote over AI op IPON 2024

    NOLAI at IPON - Part I

    NOLAI was present at IPON 2024, with Professor of Educational Economics and member of the Pedagogy and Didactics focus area at NOLAI, Carla Haelermans, giving the keynote speech 'Does AI make everything better?'.

  • Co-creatiemanager Ramon Moorlag geeft uitleg over project Generatieve AI aan docenten en medewerkers van Quadraam

    Generative AI Project Launched with Quadraam

    The end of January saw the launch of the co-creation project Generative AI in Education. In the project, NOLAI, together with Quadraam schools, is investigating how education can maintain control over learning and teaching when using generative AI.

  • Teacher in Residenct Kilian Geryszewski

    Kilian Geryszewski on Being a Teacher in Residence

    Kilian Geryszewski is a primary school teacher. He is working as a Teacher in Residence (TiR) at NOLAI. While being hands-on in the classroom and behind the scenes at NOLAI, this is what it means to be a Teacher in Residence.

  • Co-creatiemanager Annelies Wiggers geeft een presentatie over NOLAI tijdens de kick-off van project VIAT

    Project VIAT Launched with Lucas Onderwijs and IRIS Connect

    The co-creation project VIAT (Video Interaction Analysis Tool) launched at the end of January. In this project, NOLAI is investigating how AI can help teachers in VO to reflect on teaching experiences to improve their teaching.

  • Bernard van Gastel, universitair docent Duurzame digitalisering, en Joep Bos-Coenraad, projectleider en softwareontwikkelaar bij het PEP-team

    Focus Area: Sustainable Data

    NOLAI works with schools to explore how smart technology can support teachers and students. We interviewed Bernard van Gastel, leader of the Sustainable Data focus area, and Joep Bos Coenraad, the project leader of the PEP team.

  • Delegatie aan het werk bij NOLAI

    Still Work to be Done for AI in Education

    At NOLAI, teachers, school directors, school administrators, teacher trainers, people from industry and scientists work together. That collaboration is crucial, and our Teachers-in-Residence know all about it.

  • Delegatie op bezoek bij NOLAI (groepsfoto)

    National Growth Fund and Ministries of OCW and EZK Visit NOLAI

    In 2022, the National Growth Fund granted €80 million to NOLAI for responsible and thoughtful deployment of AI in education. A panel from the National Growth Fund and the ministries of OCW and EZK visited Nijmegen on Thursday 18th January.

  • Inge Molenaar ontmoet onderwijsminister Mariëlle Paul en EC ambtenaar Maurits-Jan Prinz voorafgaand aan de European Education Summit 2023 in Brussel

    Inge Molenaar on AI Panel at Education Summit in Brussels

    On 30 November, the 6th European Education Summit took place in Brussels. NOLAI Director Inge Molenaar attended and contributed to the AI panel "The Future of Education in an Artificial Intelligence-driven World".

  • Professor Johan Jeuring, trekker van het focusgebied Technologie voor AI in onderwijs bij NOLAI

    Focus Area Highlighted: Technology for AI in Education

    ChatGPT is eagerly used by many students, to the dismay of many teachers, but AI can actually support teachers. What technology is needed for this? We asked professor Johan Jeuring.

  • Deelnemers NOLAI event

    Kick-Off of project mAIchart with Dutch schools

    This week saw the kick-off of one of NOLAI's first co-creation projects: mAIchart. In this project, we will investigate how AI can support teachers in teaching mathematics.

  • In gesprek met wetenschappers

    Valuable Encounters At Nolai's First Birthday Party

    On a stormy Thursday afternoon in November, education professionals, scientists, policymakers and partners from the business community gathered in Nijmegen to celebrate NOLAI's first anniversary.