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  • Changes activity offer

    On 1 September 2024, the new academic year will start at Radboud Sport & Culture. As of that date, a number of things will change in our offer. We add some fun activities, two will disappear and a few are given a different name. Below an overview.

  • Summer holidays RSC

    From 1 July to 1 September 2024., it is summer holidays at RSC. Free sports can be reserved according to current opening hours and the adjusted ticket schedule can be found in the app. The first term of the new academic year starts on 2 September.

  • Summer closing swimming pool

    From Saturday 6 July to Sunday 18 August 2024, the Erica Terpstra swimming pool will be closed for maintenance. From Monday 19 August, RSC members can reserve tickets for swimming laps again.

  • Twee vrolijke leden van het NSSR bestuur

    Janneke & Maaike: Get moving!

    Janneke and Maaike are students, have an RSC membership and are also board members of the NSSR. In this edition of 'Get moving!' they tell you all about the fun of student sports. "That lies in much more than just the sports themselves."

  • Stralende vrouw in sportruimte

    Eveline: Get moving!

    Eveline works at RU and is an RSC member. In this edition of 'Get moving!' you can read what she likes about this: "Thanks to the enthusiasm of the instructors, an hour of exercise flies by. Before you know it you are back behind your desk.”

  • Yu-Lin and Paul: Get moving!

    Yu-Lin and Paul are roommates who both have a RSC membership. In this edition of 'Get moving!’ they will tell you why they like that so much: "Exercising together is fun. You can discuss all kinds of things while taking care of yourself.”

  • May and public holidays

    From 29 April to 5 May it is May holiday at Radboud Sport & Culture. During this week we have an different schedule. In addition, in April and May there are a number of public holidays on which we have adjusted opening hours.

  • Manouk van Dommelen

    Manouk: Get moving!

    Manouk is an RSC instructor and physiotherapist. In this edition of 'Get moving!' she gives her view on the importance of sufficient exercise: “The stronger and fitter you are, the longer your body will last in a day. Now and in your future.”

  • Course on Chinese tea culture

    On 7 March, the course on Chinese tea culture will start. In eight sessions, Chen Shen will teach you everything about the essence of this ancient culture. This course stems from a Gymnasion Christmas wish.

  • Free sports in the Dojo

    As of Monday 4 December 2023, three reservations for Free Sports can be made in the Dojo at the same time. From that date onwards it may happen that you are training in the Dojo with several people at the same time.

  • Education and research RSC

    Are you looking for an internship or a location or collaboration for sport or culture-related research? At Radboud Sport & Culture we offer our facilities and participation to support education and research.

  • RSC closed on 7 October

    On Saturday 7 October, all ICT systems at Radboud University will be unavailable. Due to these maintenance works, we cannot sufficiently guarantee the quality of our offer and therefor both the sports centre and The Yard will be closed on 7 October.

  • Entrance checks gym

    Because it happens too often that athletes enter our fitness on someone else's card, we will carry out entrance checks. To whom it concerns: stop handing over your card. For those not concerned: apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Fitness outdoor

    At the back of the Gymnasion, there is an outdoor fitness consisting of Muscle Square and a stretch tent with various fitness materials. You can train here individually using, among other things, a large crossfit rack, kettlebells, barbells,

  • Meet & play

    Because getting enough players together seems to be the biggest challenge in team sports, we now offer Meet & Play volleyball as well as basketball and futsal. Register for these ticket hours and you can play a game in the sport you like!

  • #cleanandfunforeveryone

    We find it important that every visitor feels comfortable with us. That is why we apply a number of basic rules. If we all adhere to these basic rules, together we can ensure that everyone experiences the Gymnasion as clean, fun and safe!