Portret van Annie de Jong
Portret van Annie de Jong

Quick-Fire Questions – Annie de Jong

Annie de Jong started as the Education Policy Officer for the faculty in February. Using some Quick-Fire Questions, Annie is happy to introduce herself.

Who are you, what position do you hold within the faculty, and since when? 

I am Annie de Jong, and I have been working as the Education Policy Officer for the faculty since February. I am now very much occupied with the quality agreements, but I also deal with the education and examination regulations, for example.  

What position/work did you hold before this? 

Previously, I worked as an Education Policy Officer at Leiden University and at central level. That was a bit further away from the students and lecturers, which is also one of the reasons why I really enjoy being here at the faculty again. Now I'm a bit closer to the action again.  

What are you most looking forward to in your position? 

Mainly getting to know the faculty better! I really enjoy being able to walk around here and have lots of conversations. Also, of course, to support the programmes and students. I talk to students more now than in my previous job, and I really like that.

Where can we find you? / How can you be reached? 

On Mondays, we work here in MM 2.058, and for the rest, I can actually always be found somewhere in the Maria Montessori building. I enjoy being here. Apart from that, you can always call or email me! 

Which film or book did you enjoy the most? 

The speculative fiction novella To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers. It is a kind of love letter to science and is about people visiting other planets a hundred years in the future. The author manages to create very true characters with very few words. I think anyone who cares about science will also love this book.  

What is at the top of your bucket list? 

I went to Nepal just before corona. My friend and I were doing a trekking trip, and unfortunately, we had to cut it short early because of the pandemic. I would really like to go back again to finish that.  

With which hobby can you completely forget about time? 

Dancing! I am currently doing ballet, but I have also done modern dance, hip-hop and show dance in the past. I can recommend ballet to anyone; it's something to lose yourself in.  

Do you have any fun facts about yourself? 

When I was a student at VU, I was involved in the 2015 student protests. We then occupied an empty space in the VU building and set up the academic café De Verrekijker there. We organised all kinds of things there, like poetry, lectures, and talks. That was a really fun time.

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