Foto Nienke Peters-Scheffer
Foto Nienke Peters-Scheffer

Quick-fire questions: Nienke Peters-Scheffer

In the Quick-fire Questions section, we meet a colleague from our faculty. This time it is Nienke Peters-Scheffer's turn; a jack-of-all-trades and since 1 April, she has taken on an additional role: teacher ambassador.

Who are you, what position do you hold within the faculty, and since when?

I am Nienke Peters-Scheffer. I am an associate professor in Pedagogical Sciences and a researcher at the BSI. I mainly deal with clinical subjects, focusing on people with developmental problems. I am also a pillar coordinator, and I coordinate how clinical subjects look within education. On 1 April, I also started working as a teacher ambassador. Currently, I work as a behavioural scientist at Driestoom, an organisation that provides care and support to people with intellectual disabilities.

It all seems like a lot, but actually all jobs are about the same thing. I really enjoy contributing to better care for people with intellectual disabilities from different perspectives, and education and research are very powerful tools in this field. The work is very fast-paced, but the research side ensures that I have time to discover new things, such as looking for how to start implementing what I discover in education (and in practice). What is effective teaching? What is fun education? And how can we offer that innovatively? That's what I'm extremely curious about and why I think teacher ambassadorship is a great addition to that. It's actually about the same thing every time, just from a different angle.

What are you most looking forward to in your new position?

I am really looking forward to innovating and collaborating. I get all kinds of inspiration from working together and doing things together. When I'm doing my clinical work, I see what people are up against, which inspires me to do research on them. I then apply those findings back into teaching, reinforcing each other constantly. It is great that there is such a network within the university and that I get to be a link in it!

Where can we find you? / How can you be reached?

Often in my office (03.019). People say I often walk around in colourful clothes, so you can recognise me by that!

What film or book have you enjoyed the most?

What I personally really like is Far from the tree by Andrew Solomon. He researched what parenting looks like when your child is different from you as a parent. So for example, he has interviewed parents of children with Down Syndrome, deaf children, gay children, as well as children who have broken the law. In addition, the book also reveals that life turns out differently than you expect. I think it is a very nice look at life, and I love stories about people's experiences.

What is at the top of your bucket list?

Nothing specific. The best things come unexpectedly and are more often in the small everyday moments. You can plan everything in life, but it still goes how it wants to. I like that way of life. Of course, I want to go on holiday again or maybe write a book. If it comes, it comes. But if it doesn't come, that's fine too. I'm actually quite content; I have a nice house, nice children, nice husband, and I enjoy my work.

With which hobby can you really completely forget about time?

I don't have one. I fear my work is this? That's bad. Haha!

I really enjoy going on holiday with my family and getting everything out of it. The six of us often go on road trips and then I plan an itinerary to do things that everyone likes and that make everyone happy. I really enjoy that.

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