Portretfoto van alumnus Dick Schoof
Portretfoto van alumnus Dick Schoof

Radboud alumnus Dick Schoof new candidate prime minister

The search for the foreman of the newly formed cabinet has been accomplished since this afternoon: 67-year-old Dick Schoof, Radboud University alumnus in Spatial Planning, is the new candidate for prime minister.

Radboud University has known prime ministers among its alumni before, most recently Dries van Agt, who died earlier this year and led three cabinets between 1977 and 1982. Over forty years later, Dick Schoof - a student in van Agt's prime ministerial years - joins them in leading the cabinet that is now to be formed.

Schoof was director of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service IND for many years and then earned his spurs as National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security.  

In a major interview in alumni magazine Radboud Magazine in 2015, Schoof looked back on his Nijmegen study years. Here, he learned to understand the interplay of rationality and irrationality, knowledge he could then put to good use as the first man in counterterrorism. He cited flexibility as another element of his school of learning. "You should never lock yourself into decisions," Schoof told Radboud Magazine. "You have to be able to keep moving with circumstances as they develop."


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