Thumbnail van de video Radboud Explains European Elections
Thumbnail van de video Radboud Explains European Elections

Radboud Explains: explainer video on European elections

On June 6, all of Europe will vote. At least, that is the ideal scenario. In reality, only 42% of all people eligible to vote go to the polling station. Why is that? And why do practically educated young people in particular stay home? In Radboud Explains, researchers from Radboud University explain how the EU works and why it is important to go to the polling station on June 6.

Ellen Mastenbroek researches the Europeanization of national governments and knows all about the EU. Kristof Jacobs researches voter habits and explains why young people don't vote for the European Elections. This video explores the genesis of the EU, what the EU is all about and how your vote can make a difference. 

Radboud Explains: Europese verkiezingen

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