Radboud Heritage presents new mini exhibition Vogelvreugd

From 9 January, Radboud Heritage will present a mini exhibition about birds in and around Nijmegen in the Valkhof Museum. The presentation in the returning Radboud Heritage chest of drawers sheds light on birds that disappear, newcomers to the city and species that have adapted to vibrant city life.

Birds, science and the arts 

During the lockdowns, many people discovered nature in their immediate environment and with it the fascinating world of birds, their songs and their behaviour. Attention and love for birds have a rich history that goes back far into the past. In the arts, winged animals symbolise freedom and joy, but also their opposite: the caged bird, sadness. They have been studied, described and depicted over the centuries. In this presentation, Radboud University shows birds in and around Nijmegen: most can still be spotted, others are now endangered or even disappeared. Taxidermied birds from the biology teaching collection are shown, as well as detailed old prints from well-known works such as Nederlandsche Vogelen (1770-1829). 

The mini exhibition in the Radboud Heritage chest of drawers invites you to browse. This way you can learn more about bird research; the newcomers in the city, the endangered species and the birds that manage to adapt to their living environment. Open the chest of drawers and enrich your knowledge about, among others, the regional house sparrow, oystercatcher and ring-necked parakeet. A visit to the mini-exhibition is good preparation for the bird count at the end of January. Who knows, you might spot the real Nijmegen swift. 

Collaboration Radboud University and Valkhof Museum 

Radboud University and the Valkhof Museum collaborate structurally and jointly contribute to the interaction between the arts and science. Through meetings, connecting and deepening discussions, the two institutions jointly build a bridge to society. In the returning Radboud Heritage chest of drawers, the university always shows museum visitors a different part of the university collection. 

For this exhibition, Radboud Heritages collaborates with Sovon and Healthy Landscape (Radboud University). 

You can visit the mini exhibition between 9 January and 12 May in the temporary location of the Valkhof Museum at Keizer Karelplein 33, Nijmegen.