Banner of Radboud Kids with researchers Anne Sadza and Femke van Abswoude
Banner of Radboud Kids with researchers Anne Sadza and Femke van Abswoude

Radboud Kids: social media campaign

During Radboud Kids Science Festival, primary school pupils will create a small social media campaign to inspire their peers to exercise. Researchers Femke van Abswoude and Anne Sadza take pupils into the world of research in this interactive and accessible way.

"Together, we are working on a project that researches the sports and movement of secondary school students, focusing mainly on how students can motivate each other to exercise more. From that, we transitioned to the project for Radboud Kids.

The primary school pupils will reflect on existing campaigns aimed at stimulating exercise among young people. They will be asked to reflect on what motivates them to exercise. After this, pupils will be tasked with thinking up their own campaign to motivate others to move. From us, pupils will be given a phone with a programme on which they can start posting their own campaign. This way, pupils can really experience what it is like to 'influence' each other.

We are definitely going to be surprised by all the pupils' ideas. We are very curious to see how the students will work with the assignment, especially since we want to tell them as little as possible and really give them the freedom to come up with the campaign themselves."

Radboud 100 years

The Radboud Kids Science Festival is part of the festive programme celebrating Radboud University's 100th anniversary. Check out the full programme of the lustrum week!

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