Feestelijk programma mei
Feestelijk programma mei

Radboud Rocks and extended Dies celebrations cancelled in 2024

After a festive year due to Radboud University's centenary in 2023, the university will take a step back in 2024. The festivities of Radboud XL (formerly Radboud Rocks) on May 8th and the Dies celebration will not take place. One factor is that due to inflation and increased labour costs, the current budget is not sufficient to organise the event as previous editions. The university is brainstorming how to organise a next edition.  

Faculty decides on education-free afternoon  

Normally, there is no education on the afternoon of RadboudXL. Due to the cancellation of the event, faculties will decide how to handle education on this 'education-free' afternoon. Faculties will inform their students and staff via faculty communication channels. 

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