Radboud student extremely satisfied on average, but less positive about study load

Radboud University students are on average extremely satisfied with the study programme that they are following. The general level of satisfaction, the atmosphere and the probability that they would opt for the same study programme once more are assessed very positively. Students are less positive about the distribution of the study load and the extent to which the number of study credits correspond to the actual study load.

This is what emerges from the National Student Survey, the annual investigation into student satisfaction levels. In the spring, all students at Dutch higher education institutions are invited to share their opinions on their study programme and university. More than 8,000 students at Radboud University completed the survey this year. Rector Magnificus Han van Krieken: “This feedback is important, because based on this, we will be able to improve our teaching and facilities even further”.

High appreciation for student support

Students at Radboud University are on average more positive about many issues than students at other universities. Student support, lecturers’ expertise in their fields, and contact with lecturers are assessed particularly highly. Students to a large extent experience a sense of commitment and feel at home at the university. They experience a safe climate in which they are able to state their own opinions and in which they feel treated as equals. Diversity, equality and inclusiveness are embraced by the university.

Less positive about study load and link with professional practice

Students are less positive about the study load, especially its distribution over the academic year and the extent to which study credits correspond with the actual study load. For this reason, study programmes intend over the year ahead to investigate in consultation with students where study loads can be improved. When do the (too) busy periods occur? Which courses cause these (too) heavy study loads at certain times? What are the options for moving things around within the existing curriculum?

As with study load, the link to professional practice is assessed somewhat less positively, although certainly higher than the national average. Radboud University is investing in this area, by expanding and further professionalising its career service and by enhancing cooperation with employers and organisations in the region.

Results per study programme

A summary of the results of the National Student Survey and the most important points for action can be viewed via the infographic below. Extensive information, for example on the results per faculty or study programme, may be viewed via the interactive dashboard.