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Radboud students remain satisfied, study load and reflection main areas of concern

The results of the National Student Survey 2023 are known.

On average, Radboud University students are once again very satisfied with their study programme. Overall satisfaction and atmosphere are rated very positively and higher than the national average. According to students, the main points of attention are the spread of the study load and the extent to which the number of credits corresponds to the actual study load. Also, reflection is not yet sufficiently addressed in all study programmes. 

This is according to the National Student Survey (NSE), the annual national survey on student satisfaction. All students in higher education are invited in spring to give their opinion about their study programme and university. Over 8,000 Radboud University students completed the survey again this year. Rector magnificus Han van Krieken: "We would like to thank all students for their overwhelming feedback. This allows us to further improve our education in a very targeted way.'

Appreciation for study guidance, lecturers and safety

Radboud University students are very satisfied on many topics, often for years, and on average they are also more positive than students at other universities. In particular, study guidance is rated highly. The lecturers' substantive expertise and the challenging nature of the programme are also highly regarded. 

In addition, students largely feel at home on campus and feel safe to be themselves. Social safety at Radboud University is rated with the average report mark of 8.14. Diversity, equality and inclusion, as well as social safety, remain important strategic themes at the university in the coming years.

Less positive about study load and reflection

For several years now, students have been less positive about the study load, especially about the spread of the study load over the academic year and the extent to which credits correspond to the actual study load. Therefore, this topic will receive more administrative attention in the coming years and study programmes will examine, in consultation with students, where the study load can be improved. When are the (too) busy periods? Which courses cause this (too) high study load in certain periods? What possibilities are there to shift within the existing curriculum?

The theme of reflection is also assessed less positively. According to students, this theme does not yet have a solid place in all study programmes. This particularly applies to questioning one's own views and incorporating multiple perspectives in discussions or assignments. For Radboud University, reflection is a core value and therefore has a prominent place in its renewed educational vision. The results from the National Student Survey will be explicitly involved in the implementation of the educational vision. Study programmes will also discuss with students how to give reflection a more prominent place in education.

Free wraps as a thank-you

To thank all students for their participation, free wraps will be handed out on Tuesday 26 September around lunchtime. This will take place at three locations: at the Linneaus square, the Erasmus square and in front of the Maria Montessori building. You do not have to prove that you have filled out the survey to receive a free wrap.

Results per study programme

A summary of the National Student Survey results and key action points can be viewed via the infographic below. Detailed information, e.g. on results per faculty or programme, can be viewed via the interactive dashboard.

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