Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven en Daniël Wigboldus
Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven en Daniël Wigboldus

Radboud University Signs the Diversity Charter

On 18 November, Daniel Wigboldus (President of the Executive Board) and Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven (Chief Diversity Officer) signed the Diversity Charter. The Diversity Charter is part of SER Diversity at Work.

By signing the Diversity Charter, we have access to additional knowledge and we can expand our network. This strengthens our commitment to more diversity and inclusion in the workplace,” according to the Chief Diversity Officer of Radboud University, Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven.

It is important to the university that students and employees feel that they belong here. The campus should be a place where everyone feels safe and involved — with the right to good mental health, pedagogical, psychological and social safety. Furthermore, a strong focus on advocacy for human rights and the global goals for sustainable development are a top priority.

Diversity Charter

  • The university has described its specific challenge in terms of diversity and inclusion in the workplace in the Diversity Charter. By signing, the university has committed itself to this challenge, joining the ranks of fellow Dutch universities such as Leiden University, Utrecht University, the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  • More than 250 Dutch and 12,000 European companies have already signed the Diversity Charter. The Charter is affiliated with the European platform of Diversity Charters. Each signatory has access to the network of more than 12,000 organisations in 26 countries that are part of this platform.
  • The Diversity Charter focuses on several dimensions of diversity: capacity to work, ethnic-cultural diversity, gender, age, and LGBTI+. Every company decides for itself where the focus lies.

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