Studenten zitten te kletsen buiten op de campus
Studenten zitten te kletsen buiten op de campus

Radboud walks: skip your regular walking tour and discover the many routes around the green campus

A new digital walking map of the campus was launched on 4 April with a new special walk. The idea is to showcase biodiversity and promote vitality. “We are trying to lure everyone out of the buildings.”

It is lunchtime, and approximately ten employees from Radboud University and Radboud university medical center are ready to start on a special campus walk. The day – Thursday 4 April – is no coincidence: it is the Dutch national day for the promotion of “walking during and/or to your work”. The campus is doing its bit by choosing this day to launch the new Radboudwalks website, which invites anyone who is interested to take a walk around campus. 

Green campus people walking

The website includes six varied walking routes, between 30 and 60 minutes long, each with their own theme. For example, you can choose to walk past a number of works of art or special spots that tell you something about nature. The previously launched art route is also included in the walking map. Along the paths, walkers are provided with additional information here and there.


As a festive opening of the walks website, a number of guides will be on hand along the routes on 4 April to point out the special features of various places. At the ‘edible experience garden’, located in the woods between the university and Radboud university medical center, Wilmien Heijs talks about this space, created especially so that patients and visitors to the hospital could have a place to unwind. “And for those who want, the flowerbeds are available for free picking.”

We are trying to lure staff members and students out of the buildings

A little further on is a meadow filled with artfully designed ‘desserts’, a work of art by Hester Oerlemans to mark the former patients' kitchen on this site. These days, hospital food is outsourced, with the additional innovation of a continuous food supply for patients, to replace the previous fixed meal times. A good development, says Heijs: “Most patients now leave the hospital weighing more than when they came in, whereas previously most of them actually lost weight.”

Tiny forest

The walk also pauses at the ‘tiny forest’ behind the Faculty of Science, a bit of woods bordered with trees, where nature is allowed to take its course. “It's a kind of food forest,” says self-proclaimed ‘forester of the tiny forest’ Guido van Gemert, affiliated with the Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Service. “People usually immediately think of food for people, but in this case, it is various species of animals that get to enjoy the extra food.” Animals that were not or less able to find their way around campus before are now making more frequent appearances. The same goes for the plant life in yet another part of the walk, where the rhododendrons and nettles that tend to dominate the campus have been replaced by ferns and hyacinths, among others.

Go outside!

The website also aims to entice staff members and students to organise outdoor meetings, for example in the new campus vegetable garden, the Hortus’s neighbouring garden. At other places along the walks, too, seating areas invite meetings or consultations. Those joining the Teams environment of this ‘community garden’ will find all the information about it, including the special volunteer days when staff members and students are invited to help out in the garden.

“We are trying to lure staff and students out of the buildings,” says co-organiser Margot Jansen of Campus & Facilities. The ten employees taking part in the opening walk don't need to be told twice: most already spend their lunch break walking. And yet, this new walking environment also has something extra to offer them. “I tend to always walk the same route at lunchtime,” says Chris Teunissen, controller at the Campus & Facilities Service. “This way you get to discover new places, and that makes a walk even more fun.”


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