Nanda Rommelse
Nanda Rommelse

Reappointment Professor Nanda Rommelse

Recently, at the request of the Faculty Board, the Executive Board decided to reappoint Professor Nanda Rommelse of "Neurobiological Developmental Disorders" by special appointment with effect from 1st September 2023 and to move the field from RadboudUMC to Radboud University's Faculty of Social Sciences.

In recent decades, there has been a relative increase in the number of people diagnosed with a "neurobiological developmental disorder". The overarching aim of this research is to contribute to knowledge about the various mechanisms that appear to underlie this, ranging from primarily biological to societal, and its application in education and care.

The field of study will be embedded at the research institute DCC and the Psychology programme (Department of Neuro- and Rehabilitation Psychology) and is co-sponsored by Karakter Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

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