Opening Academisch Jaar
Opening Academisch Jaar

Recap of the Opening Academic Year 2023 - 2024

The Opening of the Academic Year took place on Monday 5 September from 14:00 until approximately 15:30 in De Vereeniging. The theme of the program was 'significance'.

During the Opening of the Academic Year, there were speeches, awards and various cultural contributions, such as from BOYBAND, Student Big Band Nijmegen and the Nijmegen Student Orchestra. 

Programme recap

Speech Rector Magnificus

Han van Krieken gave a speech at the Opening Academic Year that centered on the theme 'significance'. On the eve of Radboud University's 100th anniversary, he looked ahead: 'I am confident that together we can meet all the challenges that we see coming and also those that we do not yet see coming.'

Han van Krieken Opening Academisch Jaar

Speech student speaker

Guyana Zijl studies Religion, Politics & Society and participates in the Radboud Honors Academy. In her speech, she shared how her drive to be meaningful to others led her to forget herself. A period of homelessness and burnout taught her that she can only be meaningful to others if she is also meaningful to herself.

Guyana Zijl

Radboud Student Award ceremony

The student award is an annual prize presented to students who actively participate in the academic community in addition to intensive study. This year, the student award was presented to Gwendolyn Hermans. The student award consists of a certificate and a sum of 500 euros.

University Study Awards ceremony

Seven recent graduates received the University Study Award. The University Study Award is an annual prize for students who have written a thesis of exceptional quality.

About the prize winners

Team Science Award ceremony

The Executive Board presented the Team Science Awards for the first time. The Radboud Team Science Award went to Patristic Sermons in the Middle Ages (PASSIM). This team excelled on account of a special and effective team spirit and will therefore receive 10,000 euros to further boost this team spirit.

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Presentation of the Radboud University Medal

The Radboud University Medal is awarded annually to staff members who have made a special contribution to Radboud University. This year, University Medals were presented to 

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Bianca van Oijen en Peter Hagoort