Assetmanagement - waardecreatie met fysiek bezit
Assetmanagement - waardecreatie met fysiek bezit

Recognition of psychological BIG courses extended by five years

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport confirmed that the training programmes for healthcare psychologists, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists of the Radboud Centre for Social Sciences (RadboudCSW) and Stichting Psychologische vervolgOpleidingen Nijmegen (SPON) meet the legal requirements and field standards. The accreditation has been extended for five years without additional conditions.

In the first quarter of 2023, the Registration and Supervision Committee (CRT) periodically inspected the RadboudCSW and SPON psychological BIG courses. SPON is the partnership between the university and practice institutions in the mental health field. During this visitation, it was assessed whether SPON still met the requirements as a training institution for the training courses for healthcare psychologists and psychotherapists (basic professions) and the training course for clinical psychologists (specialisation). In addition, the qualitative development of the programmes was evaluated, and the visitation committee gave advice on the further development of the programmes.

'Solid programmes'

The committee was impressed by the qualitative development of the programmes: 'Points of attention and recommendations from the previous visit have been addressed and despite various challenges in recent years (e.g. COVID-19 pandemic and shortage of trainers), you have made continuous efforts to maintain and promote quality. All in all, you have established wondeful, solid courses that move with societal trends and developments in the field.'

Critical, Committed and Responsible

The committee also encourages the spearheads from SPON's multi-year vision. Radboud University, as a broad university with an emancipatory character, attaches great value to social engagement, endorsing the 17 goals of the United Nations that address global problems such as poverty, inequality and the climate crisis in coherence with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SPON endorses these spearheads and wants its activities to contribute to pursuing a fair, inclusive and sustainable society by 2030. The social mission is also central to the vision of learning and training. The continuous interaction between science and practice and keeping the strive between master and postmaster as small as possible is crucial. Read the multi-year policy vision SPON 2023-2028 (only in Dutch).

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