Remco Hoekman
Remco Hoekman

Remco Hoekman named Professor by Special Appointment of Sport Sociology and Sport Policy

On 1 October Remco Hoekman will begin his three-year position as Professor by Special Appointment of Sport Sociology and Sport Policy at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Radboud University.

Remco Hoekman (Doetinchem, 1981) studies so-called ‘wicked problems’ in sport policy: why doesn’t policy work as intended? “I specifically focus on the ramifications of policy aimed at reducing the inequal use of and inequal access to sports or sport facilities,” said Hoekman. “In addition, I try to make insights from sport sociology concrete and applicable for professionals in policy practice so that new policy can be created.”

In his thesis ‘Sport policy, sport facilities and sport participation: a socio-ecological approach’, Hoekman provided insight into the creation and working of local sport policy and its significance to the differences in sport participation. “My work is interdisciplinary in nature and aligns well with the more integrated embedding of sport and exercise policy,” Hoekman said.

The insights from his research are relevant for policymakers of sport policy, both local and otherwise. His focus on the structural causes of inequalities in sport and exercise behaviour contributes to better substantiated sport policy. The specially appointed chair at Radboud University is financed by the Mulier Institute, sport research for policy and society. 

About Remco Hoekman

Since 2005 Remco Hoekman has been employed at the Mulier Institute, where he has advanced to the position of director-manager. In his work at the Mulier Institute he has been connected to Radboud University since 2013 for research and teaching on the theme of sport policy and sport sociology. He also has a background as an association supporter and policy officer at the Sports Council of Eindhoven and the municipality of Eindhoven.

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