RIBES Highlights of 2022

This article shows an overview of some of the RIBES highlights of 2022. Read about our research, education and people to get an idea of our broad scope of activities during 2022.


RIBES research results were often in the picture this year. To give an example: our research on methane emissions from ditches, lakes, and canals was mentioned in national and international media. And not just results were discussed: much attention was given to the process of doing (field) research and experiments. For example, the research expedition to Svalbard, or the start of the Future Dikes project and experiments.

In terms of funding awarded, researchers from RIBES received grants and funding for seven NWO projects, 12 projects with international organisations, one company project, two national government projects, and two projects from other non-profit organisations. Additionally, two of the IRP vouchers from the Faculty were awarded to projects with RIBES researchers.

In 2022, many of our PhD candidates defended their theses: congratulations to Laura Claret Fernández, Fiona Wang, Magali Frauendorf, Maryam Semsarkazerouni, Cynthia Muñoz, Ana Ríos Miguel, Stuart Jansma, Stijn Peeters, Janneke van der Loop, Félix Leiva, and Naomi Thunnissen!


For education, this year was also a successful one: for instance, the Faculty Education award (senior) was awarded to Peter Klaren! In addition, the Biology BSc programme that is taught in part by RIBES employees, was named a ‘top programme’ in the Dutch Keuzegids Universiteiten. Its ratings are largely based on student evaluations.

Finally, in December, the BioSciences educational institute awarded Janny Peters and Juriaan Metz a senior education award, and Robert Jansen the junior education award.


A few highlights with regard to our staff: the Mohrmann fellowships from the Faculty of Science were filled in for the first time this year, adding two new professors in our institute (Birka Wicke and Caroline Slomp). Another highlight was that Huub Op den Camp, who retired this year, was honoured with an Order of the Lion of the Netherlands on the day of his farewell lecture.

In terms of events and get-togethers, we were happy that we were finally able to organise important moments without COVID restrictions. E.g. the RIBES day, several department outings, a staff away day, and the start of our RIBES-wide research theme meetings.

In addition to all the awards won by RIBES researchers this year, we would like to highlight that we start 2023 with the presentation of the Hermesdorf Talent Award to Kiane de Kleijne, PhD candidate at our institute, during the New Year’s gathering of Radboud University. This university award is presented every year to researchers who have shown a certain degree of courage, stuck their necks out, and refused to flinch in the face of opposition.

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