Richard van Wezel
Richard van Wezel

Richard van Wezel appointed as Director of Health at OnePlanet Research Center

Richard van Wezel has been appointed as the Director of Health at the OnePlanet Research Center. He will take over the role from Thea van Kemenade starting 1 January 2024. In addition to his position as Director of Health at OnePlanet, van Wezel will continue working as a professor of Neuroscience at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behavior. Thea van Kemenade will remain involved in specific activities at OnePlanet.

The OnePlanet Research Center is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Radboud University, Radboudumc, Wageningen University & Research, and Imec, a global player in nano-technology. The partners within OnePlanet explore how microchip technology can be used for solutions in agriculture, food, environment, nutrition, and behavior. This is conducted within two core areas: Preventive health, nutrition & behavior, and Precision Agriculture & Food. In addition to the research program, OnePlanet also has an education programme.

'What is unique about OnePlanet is that we connect scientific research with practical knowledge from the healthcare and food industry, combined with expertise in sensors, data science, and artificial intelligence. This allows us to develop feasible solutions that contribute to a sustainable society. In the Open Education programme, we also collaborate with educational organisations for vocational education in Gelderland, and there is an SME programme. This enables us to prepare the next generations of professionals for developing future high-tech innovations and implementations.'

Van Wezel expresses his admiration for the achievements within OnePlanet in recent years. 'In a short period, for example, a smart pill has been developed to measure the physiological state of the intestines. This pill is already being used in a study involving humans. Achieving this in just 4 years is very rapid, considering the safety requirements and regulations that must be met to use such a pill in studies. I look forward to contributing to this form of team science, working with the more than 100 employees at OnePlanet in my role as Director of Health.'

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