Renate Loll lintje
Renate Loll lintje

Royal distinction for Renate Loll (Professor of Theory of Fundamental Interactions Beyond the Standard Model)

On the occasion of King's Day this year, Renate Loll (High Energy Physics), was awarded Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion. The award was presented by Mayor Bruls of Nijmegen, at her department of High Energy Physics and under the watchful eye of many colleagues.

Renate Loll conducts pioneering research in the field of quantum gravity. She seeks methods to combine the geometric description of space and time, as formulated by Einstein, with the quantum description of the most fundamental elements in physics. Her research has led to recognition at home and abroad. For example, Loll is a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences and the Academia Europaea. In addition, Loll is a fellow of the International Society of General Relativity and Gravitation and holds a distinguished visiting research chair at the prestigious Perimeter Institute in Canada. With her role within the international scientific field, Loll contributes to the international recognition of Dutch scientific research in her field.

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