RSC closed on 7 October

On Saturday 7 October, all ICT systems at Radboud University will be unavailable due to necessary work. As a result, we cannot use our reservation system and the telephone’s, and also our ventilation and music system. Because, due to the ICT maintenance works, we cannot sufficiently guarantee the quality and content of our offer, both the sports centre and Sportsbar The Yard will be closed on 7 October.

The maintenance works starts at 8:00 and lasts all day (± 22:00). During the work, the internet connection on the entire campus is down and the telephone exchange is not usable. In addition, other large ICT systems, including our reservation system, website and app, as well as various installations within our building (such as music and ventilation) cannot be used properly. Several of these systems are essential for the service and safety of our customers. Because we cannot sufficiently guarantee, there will be no ticket hours and courses on Saturday 7 October, and no reservations for free sports can be made.

The only RSC activities that will take place on 7 October are:

  • Swimming ticket hours at the Erica Terpstrabad (there is no ICT maintenance at this external location. You can show the confirmation email of your reservation at the pool desk to enter).
  • Already planned competition matches of student sports clubs. The boards of the associations will be informed about the possibilities and limitations of that day.

Without notice to the contrary, we will be open as usual again from Sunday 8 October at 8:00 and all our activities can continue from that moment on!

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