Saturday 22 July: closure of Huygens building due to power outage

On Saturday 22 July 2023, the emergency power controls in the Huygens Building will be replaced. Because of the testing and starting of the new emergency power controls, switching off the power supply is necessary. The Huygens Building will be closed that day, as there will be no power in the building. Employees with authorised access passes will not have access either. The relevant employees have been informed and agreements were made about the impact on surrounding buildings.

A properly functioning emergency power supply is essential to ensure safety. If the public electricity grid fails, the most critical safety installations need to be powered up again within seconds, and for this purpose the emergency power supply is always on standby.

Preventive measures to avoid consequential damage

The power cut will take place on a Saturday in the summer holidays, so little activity can be expected in the Huygens building. However, preventive measures are still necessary in advance. This is to prevent (consequential) damage to ongoing processes and research and to minimise risks to research, teaching and facilities. Preparations such as preventive switching off of computers, lighting, setups, etc., should be made by all users for their own workstations, in the research environment and in the technical areas. 

The preparatory work will be carried out in the week before 22 July, week 29. This work can be carried out without disconnecting the power supply (mains). The only risk is that there is no emergency power. We therefore advise everyone to work elsewhere on campus or at home as much as possible during this week.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions or other comments? You can contact your supervisor and PAM of the department for these. They are informed and will be able to answer questions.

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