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Science, Skills & Society: A customised approach for tackling urgent social issues

In a complex world with digitisation, AI, climate change, and migration flows, continuing to develop yourself is increasingly crucial – also after your studies. Radboud University and its faculties offer up-to-date knowledge to keep us socially resilient even as professionals. At Radboud Academy, our connecting centre for lifelong learning, we create a special synergy between science, skills, and society.

This comes to life in our courses, our training and masterclasses, and in our unique tailor-made courses. Tailor-made courses are not a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. On the contrary, they are designed to fulfil the unique needs and goals of organisations and their professionals. In this context, we highlight not only the scientific insights from current research, but also the skills required to apply this knowledge in practice. We also build a bridge to the broader social context in which these professionals operate.

Insight Forward: An inspiring example

The Insight Forward programme, developed for the Finance & Control team of a leading housing association, is a great example of the synergy between science, skills & society. This intensive 7-day education programme, which starts in September, promises participants a unique experience. From financial expertise to philosophical reflections, from circular economy and Artificial Intelligence to in-depth conversations with professionals from our University and Radboud university medical center, the programme offers a rich mix of perspectives.

The mornings will be filled with knowledge exchange on finance, technology, and social trends. The distinguishing feature of the programme lies in the afternoons, which centre around skills. Under the guidance of Radboud in'to Languages, participants will work on their personal growth and on strengthening their team. This not only ensures a deep understanding of the topics, but also promotes collaboration, communication, and leadership – crucial skills for modern professionals. And the combination of scientific knowledge, practical skills, and social impact is what makes our offering so unique.

Self-care for Youth Care Professionals

Another remarkable tailor-made programme is Self-Care for Youth Care Professionals, born from a collaboration between the Radboud Centre for Social Sciences, Radboud in'to Languages, Radboud university medical center, and researchers from various faculties (philosophers, sociologists, and management experts). Radboud Academy played a crucial role in this programme as a designer and connecting link.

This programme illustrates Radboud University's ability to bring together expertise from different fields for the good of society. It highlights the importance of caring for those who care for others, and provides youth care professionals with the tools they need to continue to do their work in a healthy and effective manner.

Tailor-made programmes such as Insight Forward and Self-Care for Youth Care Professionals, as well as other programmes for starting professionals and administrators, reflect the unique value of our university when it comes to lifelong learning. We are ideally equipped to bring together science, skills, and community engagement. This creates a symbiosis that not only transforms professionals, but also makes a positive contribution to society and connects our researchers with the field.

Are we proud of this? You bet we are!

Would you like to know more about our tailor-made programmes? Have a look at the website of Radboud Academy (in Dutch).

Written by
drs. Zondag, C.M. (Inez)
Zondag, C.M. (Inez)
Inez Zondag is programme coordinator at Radboud Academy.  

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