Seven new honorary doctorates at Radboud University

In honour of its centenary, Radboud University will award seven honorary doctorates in 2023. Mary Beckman - professor of Linguistics at Ohio State University - will be the honorary doctorate of the Faculty of Arts. She will receive her honorary doctorate awarded during the annual Dies Natalis celebration on 17 October 2023.

Normally, Radboud University awards one or more honorary doctorates its annual Dies Natalis anniversary celebration. However, with the university celebrating its centenary in 2023, each of the seven faculties will have the opportunity to issue its own honorary doctorate.

The recipients were chosen with an eye towards the university’s anniversary theme of making a difference. Each of the honorary doctorates have made efforts to improve their field and make the world a better place. In doing so, they serve as important role models for others within and outside their fields.


Mary Beckman - professor of Linguistics at Ohio State University -fundamentally changed the study of speech. Traditionally, the physical properties of speech and formal theories about the organisation of sounds, syllables and words have been investigated independently. Beckman, however, has shown that the two actually have a major influence on each other and cannot be studied separately.

She developed an annotation system that is used worldwide. She has also conducted extensive research on how children learn languages, thereby revealing the crucial role played by the physics of speech. Beckman's contributions to speech research stem from her ability to unite people from different fields. She also devotes an admirable amount of time and energy to training young researchers.

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