Seven SteR PhD candidates attended a two-day human rights training

A group of PhD candidates from SteR took part in the annual PhD training for first and second year PhDs offered by the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research (NNHRR) in Utrecht on 21-22 March 2024.

The following seven PhD candidates attended the two-day training programme:

  • Sandra Arntz (The right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment: towards a new Dutch fundamental right)
  • Samuel Ballin (Climate change and EU migration law)
  • Lucas Dikkers (Mobilizing human rights against economic inequality)
  • Emilia Klebanowski (Accountability for human rights violations in complex situations)
  • Esther Podbevsek (The role of the juvenile courts as institutions for conflict resolution in youth protection law)
  • Lisa van Roermund (Artificial reproductive technologies and parentage law in the Netherlands: towards a future-proof regulatory framework)
  • Nesli Soylu (Beyond borders: exploring the interplay of class, migration status and its impact on long-term integration for Turkish nationals in the Netherlands and Germany)

 During the training the PhD candidates met with other PhD candidates from universities in the Netherlands and attended seminars on research methods, research communication and tensions in international human rights law.

 Radboud University has been a member of the Network since 1 September 2020. Currently, all Dutch universities participate in the Network. The Network organizes various seminars throughout the year and offers networking and financial opportunities, also via its four working groups: Human Rights in the Digital Age; Business & Human Rights; Migration & Borders; Human Rights & the Climate Crisis.

 Lisa van Roermund is one of two PhD representatives for the NNHRR, together with Noor Swart from the University of Groningen. The PhD representative maintains contact with PhD candidates and the Steering Committee in order to represent PhD candidates within the Network. Jasper Krommendijk, professor of human rights law, has been the Chair of the Network since January 2023.


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