Logo's Silo AI en Machine2Learn
Logo's Silo AI en Machine2Learn

Silo AI acquires Radboud spin-off Machine2Learn

Finland's Silo AI is acquiring Machine2Learn. Silo AI, one of the largest private, European artificial intelligence companies, aims to capitalise on the growing demand for AI. Machine2Learn was co-founded by Tom Heskes, professor at Radboud University.

  • Silo AI acquires Dutch Machine2Learn to better serve existing customers in the region and respond to the growing demand for AI.
  • Machine2Learn specializes in simplifying the deployment, management, and maintenance of traditionally complex machine learning applications, with a strong focus on machine vision and process quality control.
  • The acquisition further strengthens Silo AI’s position as a European flagship AI company and bolsters its world-class team of AI experts.

Through the acquisition, Silo AI strengthens its position in the Benelux region and across Western Europe. The Radboud University spin-off run by Dr. Ali Bahramisharif and Professor Tom Heskes, will join forces with Silo AI’s team of world-class AI experts as the company responds to the growing demand for AI. After the company’s expansion to Canada earlier this year, the acquisition is yet another step on Silo AI’s international growth journey.

Peter Sarlin, CEO & Co-founder of Silo AI, says:

Partnering with Ali, Tom and the team is an important step on our mission to build a European flagship AI company. Machine2Learn’s clients, world-class team, close university ties and our shared company culture make us a natural fit as we look to expand across Europe. The acquisition also supports our aim to ensure European digital sovereignty, with the aim to build a leading generative AI and LLM team in the region.

Seppo Kuula, the Managing Director, Services at Silo AI, says:

Close proximity to our customers supports the co-creational nature of AI development, and world-class AI research functions as the foundation for building AI-driven products. Machine2Learn enables our international growth in the Benelux region. Through their close ties to cutting edge AI research and experience in deploying machine learning in production, Machine2Learn strengthens our offering.

Ali Bahramisharif, the founder and CEO of Machine2Learn, comments:

I am very pleased with this new phase in our company's story. Silo AI’s ability to create a fast-growing and profitable AI company has been impressive to watch. We gain support for our growth in terms of business and sales development, and the opportunity to serve even larger customers. Silo AI’s vision of European digital sovereignty is perfectly aligned with our values, its foundation is in European values, culture, and trustworthiness. Together, we’re excited to build Silo AI into Europe's flagship AI company.

About Machine2Learn

Machine2Learn is a Dutch, Amsterdam-based research-oriented company established in 2017 that provides its customers with customized solutions based on machine vision and machine learning, especially for machinery and process quality control.

With more than 10 world-class AI experts, the company specializes in simplifying the deployment, management, and maintenance of traditionally complex machine learning applications. Machine2Learn´s machine vision solutions provide critical quality control information in the semiconductor industry, logistics, machinery and manufacturing industry. The company's customers include, among others, AkzoNobelT-Mobile, and Unilever.

The company's founders, Dr. Ali Bahramisharif and Professor Tom Heskes of Radboud University, are among the leading edge of the world's AI research. Professor Heskes is a leading expert worldwide and one of the pioneers in machine learning research, with an h-index of 55, and has served as a long-term editor of Neurocomputing. Bahramisharif previously worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam and as a team leader in the machine learning spin-off company Scyfer that was sold to Qualcomm in 2017.

About Radboud AI

Heskes is part of Tom Heskes is Radboud AI, the umbrella name for the university's AI research. In total, the university has more than 200 scientists involved in research around artificial intelligence. Based on citation score, they are number one in AI research in the Netherlands. The university distinguishes itself with a focus on the human side of artificial intelligence, with much attention to human-centred applications of AI.


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