Sjoerd Bakker, hoogleraar rechtsgeleerdheid

Sjoerd Bakker appointed professor by special appointment of Law

Sjoerd Bakker has been appointed professor by special appointment of Law at Radboud University’s Faculty of Law with effect from 1 January. This teaching and research remit is a collaboration with the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal and the Gelderland District Court.

As professor by special appointment of Law, Bakker aims to play a bridging role between the judiciary and academia. “I hope to promote greater awareness of the work of judges in the Netherlands among both students and researchers, and conversely to make the world and expertise of legal scholarship more accessible and familiar to the judiciary,” says Bakker.

“The two worlds have much to learn from each other and can strengthen each other. ‘Law in action’ and ‘law in the books’ are each very valuable, but neither can function well without the other. Dogmatics can learn from everyday legal practice, and vice versa, of course. But cross-fertilisation is also useful and important in other areas. Think, for example, of involving researchers in thinking through or implementing innovations in the judiciary.”

About Sjoerd Bakker

Bakker (1973, Heemstede) graduated in private law from Leiden University in 1999. He obtained his doctorate from VU Amsterdam in 2012, with a thesis entitled ‘Reasonableness and fairness as a standard of conduct’. In the years following his studies, he was active as an associate professor at VU Amsterdam, but also held teaching positions, for example at the Studiecentrum Rechtspleging voor de Rechtspraak (Study Centre for the Administration of Justice, SSR).

Bakker has also been, and still is, active as a lawyer, as a corporate lawyer in the construction industry and as an editorial board member of publications such as SDU Commentaar Vermogensrecht and Tijdschrift Overeenkomst in de Rechtspraktijk. He is also a Councillor at the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal, and an Arbitrator at the Arbitration Council for Construction Disputes.

Contact information

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