Plattegrond van de Rookvrije campus
Plattegrond van de Rookvrije campus

Smoke-free Campus

It is important that the campus provides a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. A smoking ban therefore applies on campus and in all Radboud University buildings. Together with the Radboudumc and HAN sites, the entire Heyendaal campus has been smoke-free since August 2020.

A smoke-free campus, what does that mean?

  • An area where we kindly but urgently ask you to be considerate of others. And thus keep the air in and around the buildings free of smoke (air).
  • An area that we keep smoke and vapour free together. The smoking ban also applies to e-cigarettes.
  • A clean site and better for the environment.
  • Visitors and students no longer walk through a smoke curtain when entering a building.
  • Terrain coaches to help smokers get used to the new situation.

The map makes it clear which areas are smoke-free.

Plattegrond van de Rookvrije campus

Help to stop smoking

People smoke because they are addicted, not to cause nuisance or health problems (to another person). That is why we help staff and students if they want to quit smoking. That too is part of providing a healthy, safe learning and working environment.

Are you an employee or student at Radboud University and want to quit smoking? Then, together with colleagues and fellow students, you can follow the quit programme of the Radboud University and Radboudumc's Occupational Health and Safety Service (AMD).

Are you not an employee or student of Radboud University, or would you prefer help in another form? Then contact your GP or check, for example,