Handen die een groep mensen beschermen
Handen die een groep mensen beschermen

Social safety at our faculty

Social safety is at the top of the Faculty of Social Sciences' goals. A special team at the faculty is working on a programme aimed at sustainable prevention of transgressive behavior and activities have been set up to improve social safety.

A lot of news has come out recently about our faculty and the university. We understand that the news findings raise questions and emotions. it is painfully clear that Radboud University and our faculty have not been, or are not, safe places for all employees and students. We sympathise with everyone who has these negative experiences. As a faculty, we endorse Radboud University's statement. Our students and employees should feel safe. We do not accept inappropriate behaviour.

As a faculty board, we do everything we can to provide a safe working and study environment. Steps have already been taken in this regard. For example, an external investigation has been announced into the Psychology professor based on new signals and reports. In the field of prevention, a pilot session took place with Crux theater on recognising and acting in unsafe situations in the workplace and there were active bystander meetings. Action is also taking place university-wide. More tools and training have become available, and a university code of conduct and a Radboud-wide team of confidential counselors were formed.

Social safety programme

Last summer, a Social Safety programme team was started at the faculty, led by external project leader Judith Peeters. The program is aimed at sustainable prevention of transgressive behaviour and aims to contribute to cultural change and the perpetuation of a socially safe work and study climate. Over the next three months, the team will hold focus group discussions with groups of stakeholders to identify needs and ideas and make the training offering easier to find and make additions where possible. You will receive an invitation without obligation for this in an upcoming weekly. In addition, the program team can advise managers on working methods and conversation techniques to discuss social safety with their teams.

Additional actions

We are not there yet, we realise that. Not as a faculty and not as a university. We realise that it is necessary to listen even more closely to what is going on in the faculty and to take extra steps. We have therefore set up a Social Safety Taskforce tasked to take up urgent issues immediately and to talk to and listen to employees and students. We are conducting a survey within the faculty to inventorise the current standings of social safety within the faculty. Next Tuesday, October 10, from 12:20 PM to 1:30 PM (MM 01.620), we organise a meeting for employees to talk about the subject further for those who wishes it. We can also imagine that you have questions about how to deal with questions you receive from students, for example. That is also something we would like to discuss with you. Hopefully we'll see you then.

Our common goal is a socially safe work and study environment. We are there and will be there for you.

The Faculty Board,

Evelyn Kroesbergen
Bert Steenbergen
Rob van Lier
Suzanne Boelens
Peter Berentsen
Wouter Brok
Franca Brugman

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