Tijdelijke studentenwoningen op de campus
Tijdelijke studentenwoningen op de campus

SSH& and Radboud University together realize 149 temporary student houses on campus

By placing temporary housing on Toernooiveld, Radboud University and SSH& join forces to counter the great room shortage among students. The completion of the housing project is planned for May 2024. On 14 December 2023 the province of Gelderland granted the building permit for the realization of the 149 student houses.

Comfortable and sustainable

The planned independent living units have an area of about 22m2 and are equipped with their own cooking and sanitary facilities and a balcony. With energy label A, they are comfortable and sustainable. The housing units will have communal facilities, such as a laundry/meeting area, bicycle storage, mailboxes and a green outdoor area.

The student housing will remain on the Toernooiveld for fifteen years, until 2038. After that, they will be dismantled and the houses can be reused in another location.

Green location

The university is taking various (compensatory) measures to maximize preservation of the biodiversity of the area on and around the Toernooiveld. They will reduce the loss of grassland and trees to a minimum. If possible, trees will be relocated. The trees that need to be uprooted will be compensated by the university elsewhere on campus. In the courtyard of the new complex, a pool to hold rainwater is foreseen, combined with an infiltration system. Various plants and animals will benefit from this pool. The housing complex itself will have green end walls, through vegetation with plants.

Special cooperation between Radboud University and SSH&

Radboud University and SSH& did the preliminary work for this housing project together. SSH& continues to supervise the construction. In order to use the site for housing, the university and SSH& will enter into a ground lease agreement, in which the university makes the land available to SSH& for 15 years.

Agnes Muskens en Kees Stunnenberg bezegelen de samenwerking met een handdruk

‘We work hard every day to provide good and affordable housing for students. We are pleased that Radboud University is actively thinking along and participating in order to provide housing for as many students as possible. This cooperation shows that Radboud University and SSH& are jointly looking for creative solutions to the room shortage in Nijmegen,’ says Kees Stunnenberg, managing director at SSH&.

Radboud University Administrator Agnes Muskens agrees: ‘At the university, we value connection: learning together, and living together. Seeking each other out, both in the lecture hall and outside, encourages mutual engagement and understanding. That contributes to a good atmosphere on campus. I wish that for every student. It is great that we carefully consider how the area around the Toernooiveld can remain as green as possible. That way, it also remains a valuable environment for future generations.’

What are we currently working on?

Trebbe/Leyten is prefabricating the houses, which they will later place on site almost as is. Now that the planning permission has been granted, they will also soon start preparing the site for construction and to install utilities.

Who are the housing units intended for?

The housing is intended for regular students of Radboud University. Students with travel time urgency have priority. More information about allocation and rental conditions can be found on the website, www.sshn.nl/en.

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