Statement by the Rector Magnificus in response to article in De Gelderlander

As a complement to the response of the Radboud University Supervisory Board, the Rector Magnificus communicated the following:

“Following the message published by the University today, I would like to offer an additional response.

I have become aware of the full extent to which two remarks, which I made in quick succession during an informal conversation at an event in January 2017, impacted an employee. This affects me deeply. Although I had no intention of coming across as sexually intimidating at the time, that is unfortunately what happened. I’ve been deeply shocked by this.

I should not have made these two remarks. I deeply regret making them. Unfortunately, I cannot undo this. What I can do is also apologise publicly.

It goes without saying that as a Rector Magnificus, I am aware of my exemplary role. That is part of the reason why I am particularly sorry about this incident. This has been a hard lesson that reminds me every day of the importance of my words and actions. We must continue to enter into dialogue about undesirable behaviour, also at our University.

As for the employee concerned, I sincerely hope that they can put this very unpleasant experience behind them.”