Statement concerning announced lecture Monday 10 June 2024

Situating Palestine, an initiative by a number of Radboud University staff members, has invited Mohammed Khatib to speak on campus on Monday 10 June. The organisers announced that this meeting would take place at the site of the former tent camp. At the last minute (late afternoon last Friday), a room was also requested, but no rooms were available due to the exams and other activities taking place in the buildings starting from next week. The criteria that would normally be assessed in cases of meetings requested by an external organisation* could not be considered at such short notice.

The context of widespread unrest within the university organisation at this moment, the inconvenience to the primary process, and the breach of objective and subjective safety that demonstrations and actions have caused on campus in recent weeks led to Radboud University's decision to not allow the meeting to take place within the walls of the university buildings.

Because of the Mayor's decision to designate a site for Gaza/pro-Palestine demonstrations on campus, and the fact that this event was to be organised on the site of the protesters' former tent camp, this meeting will therefore now also take place at the designated location (P7a).

*Situating Palestine, while being an initiative by Radboud University staff members, is not an organisational unit of Radboud University. Any applications from this group will be treated the same as applications from external parties.