Radboud Introductiemarkt 2022
Radboud Introductiemarkt 2022

Statement executive board on participating parties Radboud Introductory Market

In recent days, questions have been put to the Executive Board and comments have been made on social media about participating parties in the Radboud University's Intromarkt on Monday 21 August.

The Intromarkt aims to inform new students at Radboud University about a wide spectrum of activities, associations and organisations. Everyone is welcome to attend. This year, the market has more than 200 different participating parties, from study and social associations to political organisations and companies.

Radboud University contributes to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all - so says our mission statement. In doing so, our ambition is to promote a safe, inclusive and equitable academic community that embraces and promotes diversity. We expect participants in the Intromarkt to be respectful of everyone in their expressions. Expressions of sexism, racism, discrimination or (physical) threats are unacceptable to Radboud University.

The Executive Board wishes everyone a good Radboud Intro 2023.

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