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A safe working environment is unfortunately not a matter of course, as shown by recent news reports about our university. It is a task for all of us to ensure that our colleagues and students enjoy coming to our faculty to work, study and exchange ideas with each other. This is high on the faculty board's agenda as a matter of course. We strive for a pleasant working climate for everyone in our faculty, but this does not mean that all colleagues' or students' experiences are positive.

We hope that a colleague or student can safely share their concerns and experiences with others, discuss them and be taken seriously. This can be a big and difficult step, because no one likes to speak to another about undesirable behaviour or to be spoken to about it themselves. If you are or have been confronted with this yourself, the confidential advisers can help you discuss it. The confidential advisers are on your side, handle your report confidentially and advise you on taking the right steps.

To this end, the faculty board is fully committed to creating an environment in which inappropriate behaviour can be safely reported, resolved and ultimately prevented. Of course we like to hear what is going well within our faculty, but all the more important is that we also hear what is not going well. Only then can we together ensure that the faculty is a fine working and studying environment for all of us.

Roel Schutgens

Michael Veder
Vice Dean of Research

Vincent van Hoof
Vice Dean of Education

Ine van den Heuvel
Director of operations

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