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Status of GenAI vision document

We are working on a vision document on GenAI in education that describes how Radboud University relates to this technology and its application in education. In this news item, we would like to inform you of the current status of this vision document.

The vision document is aimed at anyone who is involved in teaching: students and lecturers, but also educational support staff and policymakers. The aim is to formulate a future-proof approach to GenAI technologies in education, despite the speed at which these technologies are developing.

Current situation

The draft text of the vision document was submitted this week to a focus group consisting of a broad cross-section of staff who are involved in education and have substantive expertise in artificial intelligence. After the summer break, the vision document will be submitted to the Examining Boards, the Education Platform, and the Executive Board, among others.

We expect the following principles to form the core of the vision document:

1. Leave room for choice

The University wishes to leave room for faculties, study programmes and lecturers to decide whether and, if so, in what way to deploy GenAI in teaching.

2. Educate students

The University has a responsibility to train students, on the one hand to have the substantive knowledge within their discipline to be able to test the quality of the output generated by GenAI models and, on the other hand, to understand how GenAI models work and become familiar with their characteristics and points of concern.

3. Track developments

Generative and other AI will continue to develop at a rapid pace, and we are actively monitoring these developments. In this context, Radboud University aims to use its scientific expertise in the field of AI to speak out critically and contribute to the public debate.

Finally, the vision document also contains recommendations for follow-up steps, such as making GenAI applications and detection systems available campus-wide, as well as supporting lecturers and Examining Boards in practical and other ways to make their teaching ‘GenAI-proof’.

Contact information

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