Een persoon houdt een historisch boek in zijn handen
Een persoon houdt een historisch boek in zijn handen

Studiezaal Erfgoedcollecties now open

On Friday 31 March, rector magnificus Han van Krieken opened the Studiezaal Erfgoedcollecties (Heritage Collections Reading Room) in the University Library. Here, both the Special Collections and the collections of the University Archives and the Katholiek Documentatie Centrum (Catholic Documentation Centre, KDC) can be consulted.

Radboud University preserves and manages a wealth of tangible and intangible heritage. With the arrival of the new reading room, there is one place on campus to view the various collections. The items are used for research and teaching, but are also available to other interested parties upon request.

The heritage collections cover a wide range of topics: politics, religion, literature, art, culture, education, healthcare, mission and colonies. At the KDC you will find extensive collections on the history of Catholic Netherlands since 1800; at the Special Collections you will find a large collection of rare books, manuscripts and printed matter since the Middle Ages, and the University Archive houses all the records relating to the history of Radboud University itself.

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