Summer closing swimming pool

From Saturday 6 July to Sunday 18 August 2024, the Erica Terpstra swimming pool will be closed for maintenance. From Monday 19 August, RSC members can reserve tickets for swimming laps again.

With your RSC subscription you can swim laps in the Erica Terpstra swimming pool (ETB) at Kwakkenbergweg 25 in Nijmegen. For Radboud Sport & Culture there are (almost) always 2 lanes available with a total of 10 places. The two lanes distinguish between a faster and a slower lane.

You can make a reservation for swimming up to 48 hours in advance via Free sports on the RSC website or the RSC app. Every reservation is good for half an hour of swimming laps! You can make a maximum of two reservations per person. Due to major maintenance, the ETB will be closed from 6 July to 18 August. Reservations can be made again from Monday 19 August.

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