Mastodon op smartphone
Mastodon op smartphone

SURF's Mastodon pilot now also accessible to Radboud students and staff

The online platform Mastodon is currently considered the alternative to Twitter. SURF and Universities of the Netherlands (UNL) are jointly exploring how a Mastodon environment for education and research in the Netherlands can take shape. Radboud University is participating by making the Mastodon pilot environment available to its students and staff.

Through SURFconext, Radboud University students and staff can create an account on the Mastodon server In addition, there is a website with tutorials and an FAQ for all who participate.

With, SURF provides a secure and reliable server where education and research institutions and their students and staff can easily get in touch and explore what Mastodon has to offer them.

To find out more about the Mastodon pilot, visit SURF's website.